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Web programming training institutes in Hyderababd.

Web Designing is the design of web pages, websites and web applications used by companies to promote their business and corporate agencies to market several products to the customers. Web designing offers a promising career as web services are applied in industries, business, education and public sector. Most of the companies wishing to create their own web sites look for skilled and qualified web designers. This course helps the student learn various web design services that include need analysis, solution designing, web content writing, web content planning, graphic designing, designing Flash, HTML coding and Java scripting.

Career Prospects:

Web designing can be the right option for those having a flair for creating a design flow A web designer can be absorbed in different fields such as advertising agencies, publishing, audio-visual media, design studios, printers and typesetters, manufacturers and department stores, marketing firms, exhibits and displays and educational institutes and libraries.

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Programmer
  • Content Developer
  • Content Manager
  • Content Editor
  • Freelancer

Syllabus :


Introduction to Photoshop Interface
Vector/Raster graphics
Resolution, Color modes
Rules, Grids, Guides
Selection, Crop, Slice, Type
Drawing, Painting, Retouching
Navigation, Annotation,Measurement
Palettes, Group & Link layers
Effects, Style, Blending modes
Smart Objects, Smart Filters
Layer, Vector, Clipping
Predefined, Customized
Actions, Animated GIF files
Logos & Banners
Web Layout, Buttons, Icons
Save/Print image

Introduction to 2d Animation

Difference – 2d & 3d Animation
Selection, Crop, Slice, Type
Drawing, Painting, Retouching
Navigation, Annotation,Measurement
Property Inspector
Rules, Grids & Guides
Layers, Timeline
Types of Animation
Frame By Frame
Motion/Shape Tween
Add Motion Guide
Picture/Text Morph
Masking, Text Effects
Cartoon Animation, Action Script
Filters, Flash Banners
Designing for Web
Predefined, Customized
Actions, Animated GIF files
Logos & Banners
Web Layout, Buttons, Icons
Designing for Web

Introduction to Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Workspace/Interface
Create Web Page layout
Views – Code, Design, Split
Panels, Rulers, Grids, Guides
Common Panel
Hyperlink, Email Link,
Named Anchor, Horizontal Rule
Table, Insert Div Tag
Images – Placeholder, Rollover
Hotspot- Rectangle, Oval, Polygon
Script, Media – SWF, FLA
Date,Comment,Head,Tag Chooser
Insert Div Tag, Draw Ap Div
Spry Menu Bar, Tabbed Panels
Spry Accordion, Collapsible Panel
Table – Insert Row/Column
Iframe, Frames
Text Field, Hidden Field
Checkbox, Radio Button
Select List/Menu, Jump Menu
Image Field, File Field, Button
Label, Fieldset, Spry Validation
Dreamweaver Template (DWT)
Make / Make Nested template
Region-Editable, Optional, Repeating
Repeating Table
Browser Compatibility
Testing site in different browsers
Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
H T M L 5

Introduction to HTML

Webpages – Static/Dynamic/Server
HTML program, Editors
Basic, Meta, Empty, Container
Phrase, Font, Image, Marquee
List, Table, Form, Frame
Elements, Attributes, Parameters
Headings, Paragraphs, Comments
Formatting – Tags, Text
Links, Images, Tables, Lists
Forms, Frames, Colors, Blocks
Media – Audio, Video
Difference – HTML & XHTML
W3C Standards

Introduction to CSS 3

Syntax, Advantages
Style Sheets
External, Internal, Inline
Properties, Values
Web pages using HTML tags
Global, Class, Id, Grouped, Descendant
Div tag, Span tags
Formatting – Backgrounds, Text, Fonts
a:link, a:Visited, a:Hover, a:Active
Custom Cursors
Lists, Tables, Box Model, Padding
Borders, Outline, Margin
Navigation Bar, Dimension, Align
Display, Positioning, Floating
Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element
Image Gallery, Image Opacity
Media Types, Attr Selectors
Text Effects/Layouts
2d/3d Transforms
Transitions, Animations
Gradients, The Box Shadow

Introduction to Javascript

Syntax, Statements, Comments
Browser Compatibility
Variables, Operators
Conditional Statements
If, If…else, If…else if…else, Switch
While, Do…while, For, Break/Continue
Built-in Functions
User-defined Functions
Syntax, Arguments, ReturnValues
Local & Global Variables
Popup boxes
Alert, Confirm, Prompt
Introduction, OnLoad, OnUnload
OnFocus, OnBlur, OnChange
OnSubmit, OnMouseOver
Page Redirection/Printing
Working with Objects
Number, String, Math, Date
Boolean, Arrays
Form Validation
Radio buttons, Check boxes
Select Menus, Text areas
Error Handling

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